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Thread: NFC EAST and

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    The NFC East is very disappointing this year. What should have been a tough conference is not. The Redskins, well still are the Redskins. The Eagles same old same old not playing as a team unless against the Giants. Dallas, as JJ saais, time is running out on Romo and the rest yesterday they just sqeaked by the 26th rated defense and in OT at that. The Giants, well, even with their inconsistent offense and a shadow of their former defenser has them on top of a hapless division. So, it's a strain to stay on the positive side of the ball when even I, a non-football-expert, can figure out the playbook and call the next offensive play, and the "D" even Ryan of Dallas has figured out how to beat Fewell and he couldn't contain the worst team in football yesterday. Just sayin', while I'm waiting for coroner's report on cause of death
    I second this bigtime....I was saying this last week that this division is even more pathetic than last year

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    the nfc east isn't very good, and the reason it's getting is worst is because these teams don't feel a need to make wholesale changes. you can win this division at 9-7 maybe even 8-8 so each team makes minimal changes as opposed to completely changing their identity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Chaos View Post
    I can't wait for the skins to play Dallas!
    I Agree !

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