Excerpt: "There was some extra "pop" in his throwing arm today, but Eli Manning insisted that it's the expected product of having almost a week off and not that he had a tired arm prior to the bye as the Giants offense morphed from juggernaut to anemic over the course of a month.

"I didn't think there was anything to it," Manning said today of the speculation that his arm was tired. "I still, in practices, thought I was throwing the ball well. I felt no fatigue. Obviously, sometimes during the course of the season you may not realize it, but today (my) arm felt good. (I) threw some deep ones and didn’t have to struggle to get it out there. It was just coming out well."

Speculation became rampant that Manning's arm was fatigued as he registered four straight games with passer ratings below 80. He hasn't thrown a touchdown since Week 7 against Washington when he hit Victor Cruz for the game-winning 77-yard touchdown pass. Since then he has four interceptions without a score.

Manning spent his bye week like he said he would last week: away from football as much as possible. The quarterback went down to Mississippi to spend time with his family, including his wife and children who left New Jersey two weeks ago after Sandy." Read more...