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    i hope he can return to form sunday night, but it seems when the giants go up against a top notch team they shine. when they go against a lesser then great team they make them look like super bowl champs, go figure...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TextureDj View Post
    This whole rumor with Elis arm has a feel like the Giants playing fast and loose with the injury report. I wouldnt be surprised at all if at some point after this season we find out that he did hurt his arm when he got clobbered, dont remember which game it was, Dallas?
    I was wondering if he was hurt, too.

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    Eli can't throw the deep ball. He see's a WR bust past the secondary and bless his heart he tries to get it there, but it almost always is short and the WR needs to come back and make a great play on it.

    I bet he is hurting. but his ironman streak speaks for itself. He isnt a wus like Big Ben. :-)
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