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Will you guys stop with that "young people don't know what it's like" bullcrap? Because honestly it's insulting to me, someone raised from birth as a Giants fan, and whose first memory of the Giants was Dave Brown (I was born in 1988, and was 6 years old at the time). I had to wait 13 years myself for a super bowl title. So STOP attacking me because I "don't know what it's like".

If I complain about our current team's problems, it's because I know we don't have Eli forever, and another Dave Brown is likely waiting in the wings. This is the greatest era of Giants history we're living in, and I for one don't want it to go to waste...
A tad defensive are we?
Who was referring to you? I barely recognize your screen name.

You say you had to wait 13 years foe a SB?. I was 22 when we had our first playoff appearance. I'm not comparing anyone's fandom. I 'm only saying that very few fans can relate to having no playoff appearances for their entire childhood and into adulthood. Its a tough ride, and a lot of my friends who were Giants fans became Cowboys, Steelers or Raider fans.