No i don't hate Kenny Phillips - no i am not freaking out or panicking like a lot of people on the boards. This is about long term .Kenny will want a modest but nice contract and with Brown and hill showing promise as young underpaid backups. I don't see the reason for paying a vet who covers the deep end nicely but who does little to NO ballhawking at all (8 picks in entire career) adn has a degenerative knee issue.

The giants are giving up deep balls at an alarming rate and hopefully kenny coming back can help out but Brown has also shown great ball skills. Hill has been an asset on specials and in the slot and one day may take over for Rolle. Rolle and Brown are gamblers and will give up a deep ball but will also cause turnovers - while kenny is safer and helps the front side get to the Qb he rarely makes big plays and his knee is a long term issue.

Again - I realize Kenny has value - if anything I'd offer a small contract with incentives but not a big long term deal at all.