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    I do like Hixon...but the comparison between the two isn't even close. MM makes plays. He makes BIG plays. He turns 3 yard outs into 50 yard TD's. (see Dallas game a few years ago).
    All this stuff about bad routes and being "dumb" is so overhyped. The kid had almost 1000 yards and 9 TD'd in 2010 in part time duty. Hixon has never approached that. Hixon is a role player. MM is a threat. No one is concerned that Domenik Hixon is going to burn them. MM has burned plenty of defenses.
    mannigham got to 900 yards because correct me if i am wrong, but our receivers got injured that year and he had to fill in the #1 and 2 role. Any receiver who plays the 1 or 2 role for eli in this offense will put up 1000 yards. I have good reason to believe if hixon was to stay healthy and played the number 2 role while nicks was the one, hixon would have at least 1000 yards receiving. Steve smith had 1200 as the #1.

    There was the steve smith hype, then the kevin boss hype, now there is the manningham hype. With nicks and cruz playing there is no way manningham would have done much different than hixon is right now. And he proved it last year. He was invisible for the majority of the season.

    Manningham doesnt scare any defenses. Belichick even said it in the superbowl. Watch cruz and nicks. Players arent in the meeting rooms talking about how they are going to stop manningham. The guy played for us for how many years? Of course he is going to have some highlights.

    And hixon has burned guys 1v1 this year. Eli just didnt have the arm or accuracy to put it out in front where hixon doesnt have to run off balanced or dive to make the catch
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