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steve smith had a 107 catches with 1220 receiving yards and 7 touchdowns when he played the 1 for us. Look at what ramses barden did earlier on in the season. Look back at what derick hegan came in and did when he played the number 1 in a few games. Hixon would do the same. You play that long under eli and this offense you will have some highlights. In 2008 the whole team fell apart when plax shot himself. It was a huge distraction. Manningham made a clutch catch for us. Thank you manningham. This year hixon will be more productive than mannnigham was during the regular season last year. Because he is better.
Steve Smith was never our #1. He was a possession receiver with a knack of finding holes in the zone and catching a lot of balls, especially on third down. Then he had microfracture surgery and he was never the same. He was a very good player for us until he got hurt.

And I haven't been watching the SF games like our games. As you say, MM had Eli in a pass oriented offense and now he has Alex Smith in a run first offense. You do the math.