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    Thats not what we're talking about at all.

    If you say that for cap reasons its better to keep the inferior player because he's much cheaper..... thats fine. I tend to agree because we have two outstanding WR's plus a high draft pick who has a great up side. You can't keep all your players in the cap era.

    from a business perspective..I'm fine with it. But some folks here are saying that Hixon is simply a better player than Manningham and I'm saying that by any standard, they are as wrong as they can be.
    i believe the thread title is

    "can we now all agree that letting MM go was Dumb-Dumb-Dumb !! "

    the answer to the thread question is - NO ! it was not dumb because you can not pay 3,5 mil for #3 WR.
    now , people have slowly turned this it into an MM vs DH thread .
    but if comparisons are to be made between MM and other WR's , it should be Cruz and Nicks
    that he gets compared to , cuz they are the 3.5 mil guys.
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