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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudyy View Post
    He had a big game against the Bengals. I think he had like 8 or 9 catches for 75 yards? Not too shabby.
    He did, hopefully resting his knee/ankle for a week has helped him. I hope so.

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    he looked good last week and if healthy noone in nfl can cover him fast tall great hands runs great route's


    2015 season tbd

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    I'm sorry, but I need to see it before I believe it.

    He said he wasn't injured...and it turned out he was, missed a few games as a result. He said that the injury wasn't bothering him, but you can clearly tell that he's lost a step and isn't battling for the ball like he's prone to do.

    Prove me wrong, Nicks. We need you playing at 110%.
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    He still looked a little banged up against the Bengals to me. Most of the passes he was caught were against soft coverage and was going down on initial contact. He did look better than the prior weeks though. I hope the playoff Nicks returns this weekend, if so the Packers could be in trouble.

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    Ill believe it when hes back to his old self.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gumby74 View Post
    blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. What did he say?
    Seriously, I know theyre just answering question but thats all I hear and read as well.

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