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    Quote Originally Posted by gmen0820 View Post
    Pick up Kaepernick? Starter, scrambler, cannon arm, Saints defense...
    I did that right after his blowup game...

    do you think its a good idea to start him over Eli?

    I mean i'm scared that he might get benched over a bad throw or a rookie error. Alex Smith has been cleared to play and that D bag Haurbaugh has not declared anyone the starter....

    right now im stuck between Eli and Kaepernick...

    Eli is at minimum consistant and Kaepernick can blow it up but he can also be benched at any moment...

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    Who'd you end up going with?

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    I bELIeved and it payed off. unfortunately, i lost because that scrub sCAM Newton blew up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giantscolombia View Post
    I bELIeved and it payed off. unfortunately, i lost because that scrub sCAM Newton blew up.
    I lucked out with RG3 because my opponent started Matt Scrub, err... Schaub, over Newton...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    lucky dude, fortunately for me i was able to reach play-offs. the only thing that worries me now is that i have CJ2K as a RB and the Titans schedule gets tougher. I need to trade for a solid back.

    any suggestions, other than the big timers (foster) lol

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    Cj2k has a hard schedule? Way off, he's about to explode. Indy, NYJ on Monday night, and GB. He is incredibly valuable and consider yourself lucky to have survived his rough stretch and now reap the benefits in the playoffs.

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    New OC for Tennessee, too. That should mean good things for CJ.

    Man, I faced Brees in two leagues this week. 3.6 points, I'll take it. Makes me less nervous about playing Eli vs Washington.

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