So I've been browsing through this joint for a few days now, and I think that I've come up with a good list of our needs going into the 2013 offseason

1. OL
2. CB
3. LB X 1000
4. DL

JR, usually drafts best avaliable, I think that we absolutely need to take 2 linemen early in the draft. I like Barrett Jones out of Bama and Richardson out of Baylor.

With great offensive lines we can give the ball to wilson and brown, bradshaw will stay healthier longer because he wil have easier runs (assumed)

Right now our backup offensive linemen are weak and old and terrible. DD has been a piece for the past two years, before that he wasn't even that impressive.

Snee is old and injured and I love him but his better days are way past him.

I see promise in Brewer and in Beatty, Baas has been so-so during his tenure as a Giant but I don't even know the name of our backup. I think Boothe plays center sometimes.

Great offensive units start with the offensive line, IFF something happened to Manning and we had a great offensive line, we would still be in a competitive position with a great o-line and DC, DW, AB, AB, HH, JM. we would be okay. but at this point if something happened to manning we would be doneskis.