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Eli may look dumb, but he's not. He's measurably smarter than the majority of players in the league (including his brother) and that, combined with that family immersion in the game is why I believe he's so successful.

Personally I wouldn't trade him away for any of those guys.

1. Brady is a ******. He currently has one more ring that Eli, but Eli has bested him twice in the Super bowl. I doubt those will be Eli's only two rings either.
2. Brees. One ring, another is questionable. Only plays good in domes. Needs a lot of talent around him to perform.
3. Peyton. Eli has done more in his time in the league than Peyton has.

Eli is a maligned QB, but in the end I want the guy that takes my team to the Super Bowl, and wins it, over and over, despite how difficult the path or the problems that the team is facing.

The bold part is where I stop reading what you have to say. Homer.