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Thread: Replacements for Brown?

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    I picked up Brown as a flex after the carolina game, but promoted him to #2 after trading ray rice at the deadline for RG3. He didn't have great point expectations, but he was constantly beating them by 50% or more as of late... even in the Cincy game.

    I would flex a WR, but so many of my wideouts are injured or just plain not performing, as well as my tight ends.
    -My #1 starter Percy Harvin has been injured
    -I got burned hard when I had to downgrade from AJ Green to Fitzgerald (who is now pretty much useless with Arizona's QB situation, plus he's on the cant cut list) in a twofer trade in order to pick up Jermichael Finley (who bombed on me this week for obvious reasons).
    -Heath Miller has been forced to stay in and block ever since Big Ben went down (and even before that his production was declining).
    -Welker has been doing fine in my #1 for the time being, but his production is inversely related to Gronk's health.
    -I picked up Sidney Rice last week, who proceeded to give me absolutely nothing.

    My current roster:
    -QB RG3 (starter)
    -QB Philip Rivers (bench)

    -WR Wes Welker (#1)
    -WR Sidney Rice (backup starting #2 due to injury)
    -WR Percy Harvin (injured)
    -WR Mohamed Sanu (bench, might start him over Sidney though if Percy can't play, they're playing the Chargers and Sanu gets a lot of goal line targets)
    -WR Larry Fitzgerald (bench, on can't cut list)

    -RB Stevan Ridley (#1)
    -RB Jacquizz Rodgers
    -RB Knowshon Moreno
    -RB David Wilson
    (all of these except Ridley I have just picked up today... before this week it was just Ridley/Brown, I don't have a #2 named yet)

    -TE Heath Miller (starter)
    -TE Jermichael Finley (bench)

    -K Lawrence Tynes

    -DEF Buffalo (just picked them up since they play JAX next week, I've been a revolving door at defense all season and I don't think I've started a defense more than twice this season)

    I don't even have a flex named for next week, that's how deep a hole I've dug myself into...

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    I like the Rice for RGIII trade but damn, you got killed with the AJ Green one. Fitz sunk me in one of my leagues, too.

    Finley isn't worth the roster spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flip Empty View Post
    I like the Rice for RGIII trade but damn, you got killed with the AJ Green one. Fitz sunk me in one of my leagues, too.

    Finley isn't worth the roster spot.
    Yeah I know... the green trade basically sunk my season, and I was too dumb to figure it out... that said, I got payback by beating the team i traded him to last week by about 40 points and basically knocking him out of playoff contention...

    The problem is there's no tight ends worth a damn that are available. Heath is pretty much it. the Unicorn is available (and I've picked him up and dropped him about 8 times combined) but since the Giants use him to block he doesnt produce in fantasy other than the first 3 weeks...

    Really what I need to know now is, out of J Rodgers, Knowshon, and Wilson, which of those two I should start (one as #2 RB and one as flex). Unless Percy Harvin comes back anyway... then I could bump Sanu to flex.

    Also, I just noticed Dallas's defense is open. Should I start them against the iggles? Or has the implosion in philly not yet disrupted their ability to blow out Dallas yet?
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    Just dropped Finley for Bennett... he's actially projected to score the same number of points as Heath this week... largely due to the Giants being up against Washington and the Steelers vs Baltimore though (not to mention no Big Ben)

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    Is DeAngelo Williams a FA? He's getting the start this week

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    Just snagged him up. I've already burned my flex on Quiz (ugh), but I can put Deangelo in over Ridley (who's normally good but apparently Miami has been real good vs the run lately), or Knowshon. I also have Wilson available...

    Also, on the wideout front, Sanu just got injured, but I picked up Pierre Garcon... so between him and RG3 I'm hoping for a high-scoring shootout that the Giants win... I also have Fitzgerald available, but he's been dead weight the last 2 weeks due to that scrub of a QB in Arizona, though this week they DO have a favorable matchup vs the Jets.
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