I picked up Brown as a flex after the carolina game, but promoted him to #2 after trading ray rice at the deadline for RG3. He didn't have great point expectations, but he was constantly beating them by 50% or more as of late... even in the Cincy game.

I would flex a WR, but so many of my wideouts are injured or just plain not performing, as well as my tight ends.
-My #1 starter Percy Harvin has been injured
-I got burned hard when I had to downgrade from AJ Green to Fitzgerald (who is now pretty much useless with Arizona's QB situation, plus he's on the cant cut list) in a twofer trade in order to pick up Jermichael Finley (who bombed on me this week for obvious reasons).
-Heath Miller has been forced to stay in and block ever since Big Ben went down (and even before that his production was declining).
-Welker has been doing fine in my #1 for the time being, but his production is inversely related to Gronk's health.
-I picked up Sidney Rice last week, who proceeded to give me absolutely nothing.

My current roster:
-QB RG3 (starter)
-QB Philip Rivers (bench)

-WR Wes Welker (#1)
-WR Sidney Rice (backup starting #2 due to injury)
-WR Percy Harvin (injured)
-WR Mohamed Sanu (bench, might start him over Sidney though if Percy can't play, they're playing the Chargers and Sanu gets a lot of goal line targets)
-WR Larry Fitzgerald (bench, on can't cut list)

-RB Stevan Ridley (#1)
-RB Jacquizz Rodgers
-RB Knowshon Moreno
-RB David Wilson
(all of these except Ridley I have just picked up today... before this week it was just Ridley/Brown, I don't have a #2 named yet)

-TE Heath Miller (starter)
-TE Jermichael Finley (bench)

-K Lawrence Tynes

-DEF Buffalo (just picked them up since they play JAX next week, I've been a revolving door at defense all season and I don't think I've started a defense more than twice this season)

I don't even have a flex named for next week, that's how deep a hole I've dug myself into...