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I don't think many fans have been happy with Jerry since 1995, but in 'hard times' he's going to endure the brunt of criticism. He brings it on himself though with his flawed thinking. He believes that one person can do 2 full time jobs that each require at least 70 hour work weeks... it's insane. Although I believe he delegates far more than he leads on, I still wish he would just step away and realize just how big of a joke he's making of a storied franchise and himself.
I think Jerry was able to get away and claim that he brought Dallas 3 Lombardi trophies. But the decades that the Cowboys have been in a funk, I think more and more Cowboy fans - as well as other football fans - are becoming aware just how much of an influence Johnson had on the Cowboys.

..And it sure helps that the Cowboys were able to make out like bandits with that trade with the Vikings.

In a way, I'm happy because Jerry is the main catalyst as to why the Cowboys cling on to mediocrity, and as Giants fan, I have 0 qualms with that. As a football fan in general, the sad thing is that if Jerry dies, does the nepotism he have in place now continue being as incompetent and ignorant like their father?

Now, that's just a sad thought.