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    Quote Originally Posted by giantyankee1976 View Post
    for the most part I respect the Skins organization. Historically.

    Snyder's a PoS crybaby and Shanny never won me over. Don't care for his personality/ persona.

    I hope most of your fanbase keeps things in perspective but with RG3, I'm thinking you guys will morph into Cowboys Fans Lite ...

    we'll see, but we know what to expect.
    I think I just puked in my mouth. Cowboys fans are delusional and clueless. Philly fans eat their young. Giants fans have swagger, and have earned the right to talk a little smack. They have a great team. Skins fans haven't seen a consistently contending team on the field since the Joe Gibbs 1 era. That was 20 years ago. We're excited about RGIII, but we are also excited about Alfred Morris, Kai Forbath and some of the other pieces we need to cement a contending team together. We don't have the team we need yet, and we probably won't until 2014, when the cap penalty expires. At last count, I think we have put at least 12 of our players on season-ending IR this year. These guys need to come back healthy, and we will need to patiently add players, under a reduced salary cap, and build some youth. In the meantime, we just have to keep building on what we have. As long as the team isn't regressing, the future looks bright.
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