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    Quote Originally Posted by Eliscruzzz View Post
    Just remember to come back here when you lose jerk off... Man Redskin fans are worse then Eagles fans.
    Almost as bad as some Cowboys fans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway Blue View Post
    Almost as bad as some Cowboys fans
    that's what I meant by Cowboys Fans lite...actually Snyder is the BIGGEST reason I hate the skins.

    again, Historically the Redskins are a great franchise...Snyder's stink has diminished their overall excellence. and his tweet after Monday night's game about sums it up.

    RG is the real deal and no one doubted this, until my Team can get more disciplined and stop the f'n run the East just got a hell of a lot tighter.

    cause only an idiot counts out the Eagles.

    Giants = Skins = Cowboys = Eagles

    sad but true

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