No need to remind everyone about our remaining scheldule but if they get past us Washington faces only one fairly tough opponent that's the Ravens ( not sold on Raven's offensive ). After that, they run the rest of the NFC east and the Browns. The worry is that we may have been reading too much of our press clippings from our Packer win and have another one of those " how can we beat the packers like that and play so sloppy the following week " type game.
I loved the win but: aganist the Packers Cruz still had only 3 catches for 36 yds. Yes I know one was for a TD but his production has really gone down and he had another drop when he was pretty much wide open. Nicks looked much better but still doesn't seem a 100%. He wound up with 77yds. and his TD. He got a lot of those yds. on one catch.
The run game has to step up this week. I think AB had about only about 60 rushing yds last week. Washington's O line is better than the Packers they have a steady run game and now our D captain Tuck seems to be having nightmares about facing RG3. That's a real morale boost especially when he's in the 1st line of defense to stop the league's "superman of the year".
We beat them or have another nail biting season finish. Personally, I can do without one this year.