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    Yes, it was an uncapped year, and legally nothing was done wrong. The NFL front office could have refused the contracts but didn't. Personally, I think $36 million is way too excessive, but it is what it is. It just fuels my contempt for "good old boy" cronyism. To add insult to injury, the 2 contracts in question were for Albert Haynesworth and DeAngelo Hall. Isn't honoring their contracts and paying them punishment enough?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Medisleman View Post
    The Skins are one hit away from imploding. I wouldn't worry too much about them. I have been living in DC for 10 years and the writers and fans who cover the Skins are delusional sheep. RGIII is not as good as everyone thinks. Mistakes will be made and hits will be taken. RGIII has only been shaken up once so far and it took him 2-3 weeks to recover. If he takes a few more big shots he will become skiddish like most "athletic" QBs eventually do. Mark my words, RGIII will never win a Super Bowl.
    Not exactly true. He was nicked against Atlanta, and taken out only because of the new concussion protocols. He blew through the mandatory testing procedures in the days following the Atlanta game, and torched Minnesota the following week. After that, he faced the Giants, and we all know how that game turned out. Nothing skiddish or "shell-shocked" about that performance.

    Griffin is showing a better ability to escape exposing himself to stupid hits. But sometimes the big hits are inevitable. He got leveled by Ware in the Cowboys game, and popped right up. Biggest hit I've seen him take. Kid is tough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerrigan91 View Post
    I understand you're not reading what is actually going on, but just back up a second and at least understand something before just putting blame on the other 27 owners.

    Mara is the Chairman of the Management committee, and the one who came out publicly to say it should've been worse. Why would Dan Graziano be picking on him, hes not a redskins or cowboys fan. Of course you'll love it, you took out 2 division rivals in one shot, the day before free agency began. I'd pretend my **** didn't stink either if that was the case.

    Again, Snyder got "caught" by spending money in an UNCAPPED year. In other words, he spent too much money, when there was no rule against spending whatever he wanted. I'm not sure how fans can't grasp this. IT was collusion by the NFL and Owners against the NFLPA. You cannot get together with your competitors to set prices on the workers. It is the reason there is a 4 billion dollar lawsuit in the works. The issue is there is no way for the Redskins and Cowboys to get any cap room back.

    What is more petty, being mad another owner spent money when he was allowed to, or docking owners in your division because they spent money when they could've?


    The real question is, if the NFL can create a "spirit-based" salary cap without the NFLPA's consent, why is there a NFLPA to begin with?
    Your being petty and I'm just saying you can't come on to our messageboards and expect NO ONE to say anything to you about a man that gave us the Giants. Cry some more you petty picking Redskins fan. God can't wait til this week is over so the Redskin trolls will be gone. It's fine if your talking about the game, but you go ahead and bring up the Mara thing??? Just seems petty and an excuse to me when your stupid idiot owner broke the rules.If our team was doing that and we got caught and your owner said what Mara said would you still think what you think now???

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