ok ok i know. its BR. and its way too early to start mock drafting. but it brings me to my point, would you rather take the kid they say we take- zach brown from NC, got decent size, incredible speed 4.40, thats FAST for a 4-3 OLB. we could put him opposite boley, and have a nice tandem at OLB, and just move kiwi back to the line, hes played well this year but come on. put the kid where he belongs.


do we take vontaze burfict?
i know hes a little nuts, but i think thats exactly what this team needs right now. someone that gives 1000 percent every play. someone that can take someones head off. i hear hes very quiet so IDK if he has leadership ablitiy, but man this guy is a flat beast. he can cover the TE, stop the run.

so, if the FO smartens up and these guys are available, which do you take?