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    I'm saying I want to see the kid drop back and go through his progression and make quick decisions under duress not tuck it and run. You guys always take this so
    Nothing "personal", but I think you're wrong, and film shows it.

    Read that post, and the progressions RGIII has to go through on the Robinson TD. Robinson is not his quick read, and he also looked off defenders in the process. So what you just asked for, I showed you. Again, don't take it so personal... lol.

    Here is when it gets fun! This “College Offense” is supposed to be 1 read which makes it easy on the QB. The critics like to say “Robert Griffin III is not being asked to read the field like other QBs” etc. I have news for you, Kyle Shanahan has designed an offense that is more in-depth than your typical “college offense”.Following the PA fake Robert Griffin III puts eyes on his first read in the progression. At this point Hankerson and Robinson are being passed to safeties.

    The in cut by Hankerson invites the far safety to bite on the route, this pulls him out of deep coverage.With no threats in the flat The CB carried Robinson to the safety.The near hash safety is still in no mans land.

    Robert Griffin the III knows he has the Robinson route but stays with his progressions. I think this is significant because it shows maturity as a passer. Griffin could have sat and waited for Robinson to come open and let it rip but he stayed within the offense and took the route when he should have.
    so not only is he working through progressions, he's letting longer plays develop. If you're not impressed with that, while a rookie, and attribute it to just "first read college ball", then you're just ignoring what is in front of you.
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