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again, Im not looking for respect. I was trying to tell you guys the reason why some are saying its a tough game for you or that we could win. You guys keep saying why all the hype for a 5-6 team. Im just telling you the reasons for it. I could care less if you respect us or not. Dallas fans said all the same thing last week when some said we may win or when some Dallas fans said it would be a tough game. They said since when are the 4-6 Skins some great team that we should fear. Now its the same this week. You may win and you may kill us but Im just answering you guys question on why some may think its a tough game even though we are 5-6
That just my point of course it's a tough game for us but you guys make it seem like it's going to be a cake walk for you. Last time I checked we have a pretty damn good defense and a lethal offense too. It's really just annoying having to read a full page on if's and buts....to me what has been done is done and this game Monday the best team will win. No need to explain 5-6 cause 5-6 is 5-6. In another words you are what your record says you are. I can go back and say the Giants should be 9-2....cause we should have won the Philly game and had a 10point lead against the Steelers in the 4th quarter but we didn't **** happens deal with it.