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Skins fan here. Griffin doesn't like being compared to anyone, especially being boxed into comparisons with other black quarterbacks. He simply wants to be the best. If asked about who he wants to be compared to, the answer is usually a hybrid answer. He wants Peyton's command of the offense and football IQ, he wants the elusiveness of Montana, Tarkenton or Elway and Marino's arm. Nothing smug about that. That's where his mind is and where his goals are. He is also humble enough to admit that all of these accolades bestowed on him are appreciated, but a little premature. It's a breath of fresh air seeing this young man in DC.
Nothing wrong with that. Always thought it was stupid to try to compare one QB to someone from the past. Frankly I think its embarassing when the "experts" try to compare Griffin to Cam Newton. Other than both being black, they are totally different players. Never hear anyone try to say who Joe Flacco or Matt Schab remind them of.