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Thread: Would you travel to watch the Giants play in another country?

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    Veteran nycisgreat's Avatar
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    Mount Airy, MD
    Sure would, I've done it before.
    Lets go, Giants!

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    Germany via Finland
    Well since the Giants play in another country than were I live, the answer is yes.

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    All-Pro egyptian420's Avatar
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    Thunder Bay, Canada
    I did travel to the US to watch us play, but the funny thing is I probably wouldn't go to a game if they came here to Toronto to play the bills or something. Those games are so overpriced it's not even funny, the idiots here will pay anything to watch it.

    The Bills probably make more money from the one game they have in Toronto than their ticket sales from the entire season in Buffalo.

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    No, In fact having "International games" in the first place is completely idiotic in my opinion. (excluding Canada)

    We had NFL Europe, it didn't work. We had the CFL US expansion, it didn't work. Other than subjecting 4 unlucky teams to extended jet lag once a year, what is the point of this? It's completely asinine IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geonyg View Post
    absolutely not
    i agree. No way. I would rather spend the money watching them play in MetLife Stadium next Feb

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    Quote Originally Posted by njg85m View Post
    what is the point of this?
    Money. Increase the brand's profile abroad.

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    All-Pro Drez's Avatar
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    I can't even make it to the games played at home, so no, lol.

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    Country, yes. Continent, no.
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    Yes. If they were on a run for the Bowl and leading their division. Not if they were in the basement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashleymarie View Post
    Yes. If they were on a run for the Bowl and leading their division. Not if they were in the basement.
    Good point.

    Nobody would want to travel to see a sh*tty team.
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