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Thread: DeAngelo Hall Disses Eli Again: "I Could Have Made That Throw."

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    DeAngelo Hall Disses Eli Again: "I Could Have Made That Throw."

    Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall isnít backing down.

    Victor Cruz may have provided some bulletin board fodder for the Redskins by saying Wednesday that they are "still a couple pieces away from actually being a contender."

    But Hall followed suit and then some an hour later by refusing to apologize for a comment last month that irked Eli Manning and that several Giants called "disrespectful" to their two-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback.

    Manning and Cruz exploited a busted coverage in the Washington secondary and connected for a 77-yard touchdown pass that proved to be the game-winner with 1:13 left in the Giantsí 27-23 triumph Oct. 21 at MetLife Stadium.

    Hall later said of the Manning-to-Cruz score: "I feel we gave him that play," and, "It wasnít something where he was a rocket scientist and he figured something out."

    In a conference call Wednesday with reporters covering the Giants, Hall stood by his assessment, promising: "I could have made that throw."


    Ugh.....People just don't when to shut up and take the high road. I hope the Giants light them up!!!!!

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    Eli had the best response.... "Thank You"

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    Guess Deangelo should cover better next time DOH!

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    you got smoked or ****ed up.....either you screwed up the play and lost...
    "Measure Twice......Cut Once"
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    Yea, hitting a WR in stride while getting hit is sooooo easy.

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    If you read his whole statement you would know that what he is saying is that they blew the coverage so bad that Cruz was so wide open even he could have made that throw. It's not a dis to Eli.
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    To me, it's like saying that he blew his coverage so bad that anyone could have hit the open receiver. Is this suppose to be a feather in his cap?

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    I don't think he dissed Eli at all. Sounds like he is admitting hat he and his team made a bad play themselves.

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    who cares deangelo hall is going to get abused by nicks monday night


    2015 season tbd

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