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Skins fan here. Hall can be an idiot at times but I like how he doesnt back down. Its funny because the last time we played you, I came on here and talked about how done he was. I said he looked just like McNabb & Brunell. Like he physically was shot. It looked like it hurt to run. He only had LB speed and looked to be laboring soo much. Like he was dragging himself around the field.

Now since the bye he is not fully back but he looks alot better than he was before the bye. Just physically he's looking faster & quicker. He was getting killed in the slot but he's looking better now. Him & Griffith. Griff was terrible in Preseason and early regular season. Then he missed a few games with injury. Since he's come back he's been really good looking.

Still cant trust either or our safties but they are all way better than Josh Wilson who is just straight toast now. Every play he gets beat and jumps up screaming at the ref like the wr shouldve been called for Offensive PI. Its so annoying. He always has his back to the ball and then jumps up pointing
I remember when he was with Atlanta and was interviewed just before a game against us in Atlanta. He said that the Giants were going to be "light work", followed by a game where we trounced them.
Lots of mouth, and can't back it up.