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Thread: DeAngelo Hall Disses Eli Again: "I Could Have Made That Throw."

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    Skins need to draft a CB with their 2nd next year. They aren't winning a championship with Josh Wilson and DeGamble Hall. He's too inconsistent and takes too many risks to be a #1 CB for a championship team.

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    I really hate to say this because I'm sure he has a family and people who love him, but Deangelo Hall is a big mouth punk.
    The guy gets beat on a play that cost his team the game and he's talking smack.
    Its just stupid.
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    I dont understand his attempted "dis."

    So he is arguing that Eli isnt good because he made an easy throw for the game winning TD? isnt that a backhanded dis to his own defense for giving Eli such an easy game winning TD?

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    Skins fan here. DeAngelo is an idiot.

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