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    Player of the game predictions

    I think the following players will have big games this Monday night.

    JPP (I know, I know but he has been kind of quiet and this is a huge game)
    Boley (big game I am predicting)

    A Bradshaw (running game wasn't used last time which lead to a rift between AB and TC) There will be or should be a strong emphasis on the run you would imagine. unless Killdrive goes pass happy which wouldn't be that shocking.

    Nicks- He is almost 100 % back and will be better this time around in this 2nd matchup and will surprise the skins defenders, plus they will over play Cruz this time. Nicks should cash in.

    Canty + Joseph - hoping for big games from them as they are key !!

    These guys will be the standouts.

    Bottom line is Eli made some terrible throws and decisions and our Defensive players were running around all over the place, they bit badly on play action and couldnt shed blocks which lead to Moss TD and as well allowed Morris to gain huge chunks.

    We need to play disciplined football on Defense and physical. Offense will be fine as long as Eli plays better than last game and avoid the turnovers.

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    I think Wilson goes nuts!

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    Stevie and Jacquian.

    Credit: David Rappoccio, The Draw Play

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    Lol, I am going to go out on a limb, but I feel Rolle will get two picks and Boley will recover one fumble at a critical part of the game. I say either Rolle or Boley will be the player of the game.

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    Bradshaw on O ..............and .....................Blackburn on D

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    Rolle and Bradshaw

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    Gonna say Nicks and Cruz are going to go back to being the leagues best WR tandem starting Monday night!

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