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Thread: Giants have the hardest remaining schedule

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomCat_FIN View Post
    The schedule is what it is and it actually looks easier than it did at the start of the season. The Eagles have flopped, the Saints are ok, but not the SB winning Saints so we should be able to compete in both games.

    The Falcons and the Ravens games are the games that should go down the wire and if this Giants team has one downside it's the fact that they need to be the universal underdogs to play their best football. And that mindset should actually benefit us in those 2 games.

    I'm thinking 3 wins out of the remaining 5 games.
    The Saints are hot right now dude, they have a relatively easier schedule. Besides we always seem to get blown out by the Saints. Tbh I can't remember the last time we beat the Saints. It's almost as if they were a division rival.
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    They slammed the second half of the schedule knowing how the Giants won 2 sb's, by end of the end runs. It's a attempt not to let them repeat. It's not anything against the Giants, it's been done for the last few years.

    But it's all good, Giants are the best team they showed it by running the table threw the thought of best last year then repeating those same victories this year. I've said it before, when this team shows up / healthy they cannot be beat. I would not be surprised if they run to a 3rd or dynasty without another loss. I don't expect it, but I know it can happen

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    There was a thread done not too long ago that actually had proof that the Giants have been given a softer 1st half schedule these past 9 yrs, followed by a much tougher 2nd half schedule. Be nice if they can switch it up next yr.

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