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Thread: Rolando McClain will be waived by Raiders on Thursday

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    Not sure this is a position of need right now and I don't think this is the type of project that you start working on mid-season!

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    He should go to the Patriots maybe Belicheck can get through to him. Mcclains problems arent talent based its the fact he is lazy and has a terrible attitude. Hopefully he ends up humbled and comes ready to work. This is all u need to know about Mcclains attitude. This is after put a pistol to a guys head while he was lying on the ground, and fired a shot next to his ear after he begged McClain not to shoot him.

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    Jay Glazer ‏@JayGlazer
    Raiders are NOT releasing Rolando McClain, instead however the team has suspended him for conduct detrimental

    Jay Glazer ‏@JayGlazer
    Raiders players tell me McClain was informed this morning and they believe the suspension was for more than just this week

    I actually respect the Raiders more for this than releasing him. They are saying if your going to quit on us then your not going to play for someone else.

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    I'd take a chance on him. I'd be willing to bet anything that he wouldn't have the same attitude/issues if he were on the Giants like he did on the Raiders.

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    After reading what he pulled with shooting the gun off, I don’t want this guy on our team. He is a lowlife.

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