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He was having a great year till that 3 game stretch of 0 TDs. Id say he is having a average year right now. But he could turn it all around again if he is hot again down the stretch.
That's what I'm getting at. He could definitely turn it around, but at the same time he's been average to below average for the majority of his career and is average, so far, this year. That's why there is all the speculation.

He's not having a bad year by any stretch... as you've put it, 'average' would probably the most appropriate word. He has one game with 500+ yards, but those are balanced out by the sub 200 yard games. And I mean balanced out in the most literal sense.

Overall, currently Eli is having a typical Eli year... around 250 yards passing per game, about 1.1 ints per game, on about 34-35 attempts per game, which has been pretty congruent with his average over the last few years (since he started airing it out in 2008). The only thing that isn't matching up is the TD totals, but I expect those should balance out toward the end of the year.

Every QB has bad games, even the elites. Eli shouldn't be criticized for his bad games since all QBs have them. However, his average numbers this year aren't out of the ordinary, which is why many still question whether or not he's elite.