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Just to summarize for nte and others.

The entire point of the thread is that after Eli's 2nd SB MVP the 'experts' finally had to concede that Eli was in fact "Elite" after the thrashing they gave him the entire last year. Yet, all it took were 2 bad games in a row from Eli before the same people who wound up looking like total morons after SB46 started right back up with the same crap. How eli is in no way "Elite", is 'average', "can't make plays", etc, etc.

I'm just saying now that after 2 straight bad games by Brees they should be applying the same logic to avoid looking like the partisan hacks that they are.
I see your point. However, most people that criticize Eli think that last year was an anomaly. So far in his career he hasn't done much to prove otherwise. Hence the debate whether or not he's elite.