i love Bradshaw and he's still good. his feet has been a problem and cannot stay healthy.
Jacobs is an underachiever and his skills have diminished. he is not well liked and not as tough as he should be.
the only RB i love in the 1st round is Richardson but he's unlikely to be there for us.
LMiller has excellent size and speed but is not a willing blocker.
the top free agent RBa are RRice (Rutgers; New Rochelle product), Forte (out w/ a MCL injury) and MLynch (ok).
I'd love to get Rice but i doubt Baltimore will let him leave.
The money we could save by letting Bradshaw and Jacobs go could be spend on Rice. That's a pipe dream.
I think we'll draft a big back in the 3-4 rounds to replace Jacobs but i have no confidence Bradshaw can be reliable to stay on the field. his days in the NFL are numbered.
what should/ can we do?