[quote user="deekay7685"]i love Bradshaw and he's still good. his feet has been a problem and cannot stay healthy.
Jacobs is an underachiever and his skills have diminished. he is not well liked and not as tough as he should be.
the only RB i love in the 1st round is Richardson but he's unlikely to be there for us.
LMiller has excellent size and speed but is not a willing blocker.
the top free agent RBa are RRice (Rutgers; New Rochelle product), Forte (out w/ a MCL injury) and MLynch (ok).
I'd love to get Rice but i doubt Baltimore will let him leave.
The money we could save by letting Bradshaw and Jacobs go could be spend on Rice. That's a pipe dream.
I think we'll draft a big back in the 3-4 rounds to replace Jacobs but i have no confidence Bradshaw can be reliable to stay on the field. his days in the NFL are numbered.
what should/ can we do?[/quote]

Bradshaw and Jacobs do need to be replaced. I have to take issue with your characterization of Jacobs being an underachiever. He's the 4th all time rusher and that put him in some elite company.

Yes, he tends to rub some fans the wrong way with his rhetoric from time to time but he is a true GIANT. We fans tend to look at the here and now to make our judgments about players, forgetting their past performance. You have to look at the entire body of work and I think he has done well for the GIANTS.

Fact is they both are in need of replacing. Bradshaw's ankles and feet continue to be a problem and Jacobs is in the twilight of his career.