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Thread: Go Eagirls !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AustinSkin View Post
    What's up with the refs in Dallas? RGIII was pushed into the ground 2-3 yards out of bounds. Ref was right there and threw a flag for a late hit out of bounds. After a short pause, he picked up the flag. No foul. Replay showed the defender pushing him into the ground out of bounds. Using my best Michael Corleone voice (which isn't very good), I yelled at the ref "How much is the Turk paying you?". Ridiculous.
    It's really pathetic...Ihate the Cowboys with a passion.

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    This has been Dallas' MO all season, get their ***** kicked for most of the game, followed by making a miraculous comeback to win.

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    I think if my team drops 45+ on Andy Reid this week, they fire him the following day.
    Greg Schiano
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