I have been leading my division all season. The first mistake I made was dumping Shoenn Green the day before he put up 40 and the guy who picked him up was my opponent that week... I lost by 10. Last week I was one game up in my division and was trying to figure out how to replace McGahee in my lineup. Someone else grabbed Hillmann so I picked up Brown from Philly 30 min before kickoff last week. I was watching ESPN's fantasy show and the broke the news that Knowshon was going to get the start over Hillmann so with less than 5 min left before kickoff, I dropped Brown to pick up Knowshonn!! Brown went on to get like 40 points and I lost last week. This week, last of the regular season, I go up against the guy who picked up Brown...go figure!! At the last minute I dropped the bengals D and grabbed the Cowboys D. Cowboys D SUCKED, Brown put up over 30 pts, my QB (Brady) sucked for the first time this season and I'm sitting at 65 to 97 with Vic Cruz and Garcion to o tomorrow. My opponent has Knicks tomorrow so I'm finished. The 2 guys who tied me in my division last wee both won so I'm out...unreal!Fantasy is fun but it can sure be frustrating!!!!!!