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    Oh stop crying, we got beat, we gave up 207 yards rushing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYfanatic View Post
    RG3 is a marketing machine, he sells, he doesnt sell when he loses. The panthers were so bad the NFL couldnt whistle the game enough to make a difference to sell cam stuff. But the skins? Yea the whistles make a difference. Sports are fixed you know. At least to the best of the leagues ability. Money=Greed. NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL is greedy. They look for money. Be thankful the refs couldnt let the packers win last year. We did!
    No one wants to see a boring Eli Manning anymore, you can make tons of money with RG3

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    I agree. The refs were out to get us tonight and it was glaringly obvious.....smh

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    Quote Originally Posted by elitocruz View Post
    they committed holding all over the place. never gets flagged. we get one to end the game on a conversion. every kick return. the list goes on. gilbride was pathetic tonight, but the refs were too
    Did you see the hold they called on Beatty. He pretty much had the guy in a headlock. That hold is pretty much why the pass got completed. The guy beat Beatty, all he could do was hold him. The refs were fair tonight. We sucked.

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    For a Giant fan that I personally knew: My mom. May she smile and be delighted whenever her favorite player - Victor Cruz - scores a touchdown and does his salsa dance.

    Thank you mom for everything! Let's Go Giants!

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    Nonsense. The officiating was bad but not the reason we lost.

    It happens, the Skins brought everything they had tonight and they won.

    That is all.

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    The officiating was rank bad, but we lost that ourselves.

    Make no mistake, they're hot just now and hard to play against.

    I was disappointed that, having had a look at them, we couldn't scheme better on both sides of the ball but Griffin (and maybe Morris) are going to be a royal pain in our *** for years to come unfortunately.

    First half, we didn't put enough daylight up.
    They got a streaky TD, we never punted and had twenty minutes ToP yet only put up 13, jeez that missed FG looks a lot bigger now, doesn't it?

    Second half, they owned us.

    Hey ho, we move on, Dallas and the Skins cut each other's throats once, we must beat the EGals and win at least one other.

    New Orleans aren't pulling up any trees right now, so a win next week would be massive.

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    "There is no comfort in the truth"
    then why did they call off PI on them???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud57 View Post
    No one wants to see a boring Eli Manning anymore, you can make tons of money with RG3
    I know I work at a sport store that sells RG3 stuff. Even up in Albany he is very popular. He sold out Jerseys across the country. No one outside a Giants fan would buy a Eli jersey. But people with bad teams right now, they look for players to bring them out of the depressing mood their team brings them in (cheifs, chargers, titans..) So they buy RG3..Newton... Not Eli.

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    I didn't get to see the game I have to work. Bob and Carl said a few bad calls were made but they did not seem to think it was all that unfair. on on defense. We also made critical mistakes on offense. It's all on us now. We need to win out.

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