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WORST PASS DEFENSE IN THE NFL and Gilbride decides he is going to grind out the clock. This would be a great strategy, IF WE WERE IN THE LEAD, but we were behind. When we did pass, we abandoned the middle of the field and started throwing out patterns.

Penalties were also an issue. Some phantom, some real.

Lastly, why can't our defense just seal the edge? If I see Osi running to the inside, like a dog chasing a car, one more time, I'm sure that I will puke.
I question it big time... especially when we start with back to back runs inside our own 10 yard line. I think the game strategy was for offense to have time consuming drives to keep RG3 on the bench... it worked in the first half (except not scoring TDs which changed game).. but that gamble crashed and burned in the second half. KG is brutally stubborn and did not adjust after seeing how the 2nd half was unfolding (with Skins playing better vs run and zone coverage)... I blame this loss on the offense which includes Killdrive's calling, player mistakes, and poor execution. We gave away another game in the NFC East (other one in Philly).