Continue to hear folks in this organization making excuses for all the mental laspes that have occured with our top 2 draft pics from last year. The intentional grounding that stopped another one of the many 1st half drives that were stopped by penalties is prime example of reciever running the wrong route. This has been explained by the fact he's a rookie & it wasn't the 1st time this has happened this year. We continue to hear the same about Wilson.

I Say Enough Excuses. Dumb the offense down & make it more simple if that's the case or draft smarter players. I don't think a lot of NFL coaches the good ones that is would keep using the same old tired excuse.

In this league 1 or 2 plays determines whether or not you win or lose games. These negative plays have to stop or the Saints will bury us again like they have in the last 2 meetings.