I am certain that once the Giants pass within the 30 yard line of endzone, Gilbride seems to adopt a different approach, as if he is merely putting the kicker a few yards nearer for the field goal, the amount of times we are treated to a run up the middle followed by delayed draw and then a pass to a receiver 3 yards shy of the first down with two defenders bearing down. KG seems to be happy to take the field goal.
We can score on long strikes and plunge in when we are inside the 10 but between the 30 and 10 yard line he seems to just go conservative as if he just doesnt have the gameplan to overcome defenses when the field compresses.

The second half was probably the most pathetic I have seen in a long time, all the commentators were harping on about what the defenses were showing Kilbride, and he just cannot make adjustments to counter. It was as if he walked out with 3 plays in his head and hope the D shut down the Offense to sneak a 16-10 win

Lastly, god forbid the Giants get a penalty on their drive, it seems that Kilbride has the automatic excuse that 'penalties killed us', opposition teams seem to be able to overcome penalties, last night the Redskins made it look easy.....

I would love to see what a talented OC and DC could do with this very talented team.

The Giants seem to be held by the preparations they made leading upto the game, if the preparations are successful, they will win the game, if they are not going successfully the Giants will lose simply because they dont have the ability to adjust on either side of the ball. Fact !