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Ecstatic Redskins fan here. We still need to win out vs. the Ravens, Browns, Iggles and Boycows. Not exactly a cakewalk. But it feels great to be relevant again!
You have a right to be Ecstatic. I think its funny and Ironic how the eagles went out and spent all that money on all those FAs at the Beg of 2011 season and preached how they were the Dream team and fell flat on their faces last season and then this season with 1 yr together under their belt they all proclaimed they would be a Dynasty.

meanwhile the Redskins which have struggled to sub par seasons forever have finally got it right and snyder went to the draft to get better (like we have done for years) instead of spending a WAD of cash on some high priced FA. that has backfired on your guys for years.

Anyway my point is you guys are closer to what Philly has been YAPPING about then then will ever be. They are now floundering in an 8game losing streak and their whole future is up in the air with no SB run anywhere in sight for a long long time. Your team on the other hand may only be a few pieces away from Hoisting another Trophy in Washington. Build around RG and keep him healthy and Im sure you guys will be celebrating another SB Title in near future. Your team and RG will be a pain in the rear for years to come for the NFCE. bottom line.