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    Morris looks like a steal. Wilson

    looks like he should of been the 6th round pick. Alfred Morriss looks like the better back by a large margin. Reese I know it's early in their careers but early returns are in favor of Morris by a landslide!

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    Wilson = Bust

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud57 View Post
    Wilson = Bust
    Not crazy about taking a RB in the 1st round to begin with.

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    Chill out on Wilson,give him 15-20 carries in a game first

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJC7301 View Post
    Not crazy about taking a RB in the 1st round to begin with.
    Same. This organization doesn't exactly have good luck with them either. I'd be a little put off on the idea of taking 1st round RBs if I was GM lol.

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    lol give him some time, don't worry in a few years we'll all be laughing at his performance now

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    They have an o-line.
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    Wilson's gonna be the next Ron Dayne or worse.

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    I guess being light on his feet gives him his speed, but boy when he gets hit it looks like hes clobbered every time.

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    It'd be nice if Wilson was in for a whole series. It feels like he gets the ball every time he steps on the field for a play, and it's easy for the defense to pick up on that. This happens to Brown also, but at least Brown gets straightforward carries and not pitches to the sidelines.

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