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    RGIII is a smart QB, but we are a dumb TEAM

    This kid can wreak havoc as we have seen , but he didn't beat us single handidly, we gave him field time....we cant't score 10 yards out???
    Gilbride has NOTHING in the play book to beat a mediocre defense? Eli is STILL NOT WATCHING THE PLAY CLOCK .??? REALLY???

    Bone head mistakes, lost this game for us...not the phenom RGIII..we lose by 1 point and that because our Offense sucked, we had stupid penalties, and dropped easy catches, and blew receiving routes..stupid, dumb mistakes.

    We knew our defense was no match for this "freak" offense they have..but we should have handled their defense easily....Gilbride, Eli and the O-line tanked.....Now we have to once again wait and see if these fools can pull their heads out of their ***ez and make another post season run.

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    They have a better Head coach too

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