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    Good Game Fellas

    its been a fun week chopping it up with you just as it was last time. Now we're just a game back but so many things can happen in these final 4 weeks both good & bad. Im actually on the road traveling so I didnt get to see the game. Only followed on ESPN's gamecast. From what I did see, it looked like we did what I predicted & feared in that Shanny always goes super conservative at home for some reason. I guess he figures the game will be close and the crowd will win it for us which is not the case most times. The good thing is that even though it was conservative, we still seemed to move the ball well. Still the same story for the Ravens game next week which really scares me. I see some of you think we will lose to the Browns but I think we will win & score alot of points because we just open it up more on the road. Anyways, good luck the rest of the year, but not too good.......lol

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    You moved the ball because the refs moved it for you, gave you a first down that was not even close also.

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    good game that kid rg3 is darn good hats off

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    Quote Originally Posted by BMW View Post
    You moved the ball because the refs moved it for you, gave you a first down that was not even close also.

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    It was a good game indeed. I have a feeling you guys are going to be more annoying for us than Vick was in 2010 for years to come. You'll have to see that RG3 fumble TD play. It was just completely flukey lol.

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    Good game I'll give credit where credit is due no excuses the Giants sucked tonight.....but I still hate the media hype about your quarterback. He played alright tonight but Morris wow man he is you bread and butter. Trust me we are getting in the playoffs either wild card or division. Then you won't want to see us.

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    The Refs and God were both on your side this day. Congratulations and enjoy your well-deserved win... one or the other might not be with you in the playoffs.

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    Good game. Atmosphere seemed electric. Was not surprised in the least bit at the outcome. Props to the Skins, man...you guys got a good team and a hell of a QB/RB combo. I'd say I wish you guys good luck but I don't...lol. Hope you guys crash and burn the rest of the way though, no hard feelings I'm sure you understand...lol.

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    The game was a dogfight, as it should be. I have nothing but respect for the G-Men, and I'm glad the Skins eked out a win this time. I have a sneaking feeling this is going to be a fun NFC East rivalry for years to come. Good luck and NO injuries for the rest of the season.

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    It was a good game and I hope to see more classics between Eli and RGIII

    A playoff matchup would be nice

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