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RG3 was a threat everytime he had the ball in his hands. RG3 opened up all the opportunities for Garcon, Pauleson, and Morris. We left Garcon WIDE OPEN ON A SLANT PASS...and why is that? Because our linebackers were keying in on what RG3 was doing. Our offense even tried to keep RG3 off the field, and they did....and that was our only legitimate way of stopping RG3. RG3 singlehandley fooled our Defensive front and made them insignificent throughout the contest. I was hoping we switched to a 3-4 in the middle of that game.

Yes the Redskins are a .500 team as we speak, but that does not mean they cannot improve on that. If it wasnt for they sorry secondary they would of swept us this year. I cant stand RG3, but you have to give this man his respect....we did not have many possessions and as a rookie he had more poise than any1 on our team. And also remember that Alfred Morris is also a 6round rookie as his sidekick.

We have Eli Manning and a veteran Bradshaw and a 1st round rookie against a sorry secondary and no Orakpo....and our offensive looked like a hot mess. If it wasn't for Tynes, we would probably be a .500 team or even worse.

7 yards a carry.