Shanahans and RG3 installed and runs an offense most professionals arent familiar with.....yet! hes gotten much hype because hes good at what he does right now!

i fully expect dc's to devise defenses that will eventually shut RG3 down. he wont be as effective even as early as next season! the key to the skins offense with RG3 is his ability to effectively hide the ball during the play action! his running ability is also a huge factor in their game.

during Mondays game our defense did do their job to an extent but did not do their jobs late in the game!

besides that the offense stunk the place up in the 2nd half contributing to the loss by only scoring 3 points.....against that defense! amazing.

personally i think RG3 will end up as Vick 2 in a coupla years! he cant continue to take the hits hes taken in his 1st nfl season.