Look, I get this guy is elusive and he is a great up and coming talent, but he puts up mediocre stats against our Giants and he's basically hailed the king of the NFL. The guy put up 13-21 and 163 yards with 1 touchdown. To me that's not even worthy of an article, yet it's 7:00 in the morning and I've come across 3 articles already just on my phone, and I haven't even picked up the paper yet. The lovefest this guy received last night on ESPN was sickening, I felt like throwing my remote through the television. They got lucky on a few plays that went their way. I get the argument that he did just enough to get his team a victory, but I'm not buying into this RG111 hype. I get that the Redskins haven't had anything worth talking about for the last decade, but please media, let it go, there is far more talented rookie QB's to talk about every freaking day. Don't mind me, just venting.