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Thread: I keep hearing RGIII this RGIII that

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    RG3 has 17-4 td -int ratio. He only had 163 passing yards last night but he also have another near 80 rushing. You going to discount that? He did that all in limited time because you guys had all those double digit play drives. He also has another 6td's on the year rushing. The Cam comparisons are so dumb. His passer rating is 3rd in the NFL and very close to 1st while Came was like 83. Its night & day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eli2Shockey4aTD View Post
    Griffins deadly because he is the fastest guy on the field. He can keep it or hand it off at any given time and it confuses the defense. Though Griffin has been putrid on longer thrid downs.

    His sophmore year will be interesting.
    I will be happy to eat crow if I'm wrong - but I think RGIII's sophomore year will be jaw-dropping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 11to85 View Post
    Sorry but RGIII didnt kill us. Morris did. 163 yards passing isnt back breaking.
    He is a HOT COMMODITY right now ! Stop and think about.......If the rest of the Team is no good, he will never amount to much ! A QB is only good as his Receivers, Backs and the rest of the Team are !
    It's just Like Eli, he has the same problem.....if he's good, which he usually is , and the rest of the GMen are not on the same page, then you have a collapse, Like what happened Last night !

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    Great I thought the boards would be back to normal today but I forgot the Redskins won so their troll fans will be on here a little longer....smh

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