Since everyone's sharing their pissed off opinion of the game, I might as well share mine.

First things first, we have to give props to the Redskins organization for coming prepared. They saw that our pass rush was beginning to click based on the GB game and did all they could to nullify it; and it worked. RGIII made one good decision after another to put his team in a chance to win so you have to give him props for that.

Now let's play the blame game. I think if you looked at the stat sheet, the stats would be misleading. Based on the stat sheet you would probably assume, barring penalties, we played a pretty balanced game. 33 pass attempts and 26 or 27 rushing plays seems well balanced. But this is what drove me mad: WHEN we called pass plays and WHEN we called running plays. I felt as if the Giants were rushing on obvious passing downs or rushing on obvious passing downs. Every time Eli would get into a rhythm we would run 2 plays in a row, kinda grinds my gears. Now I'd like to blame someone for it but to be honest we probably will never find the culprit. I'd assume everyone was at least a little bit at fault. I want to blame KG but I don't if he called the better play and Eli audibled out of it or I wanted to blame Eli but I wouldn't know if that was the play KG told him to run and he didn't audible out of it. I feel as if we didn't come thoroughly prepared for WASH defense. Eli doesn't usually get this fluttered by a defense; either the preparation was bad or he was seeing something he never saw. Btw how come we never run any strectch plays? Why is everything up the gut? For the most part Alfred Morris and RG3 got most of their yardage on sideline runs.

I'm a firm believer in a balanced attack but if a situation calls for a more pass heavy offense then I would assume most people got that route. I really wished we threw a lot more than we ran. Washington was ranked near the bottom in pass defense and what do we do? We run the ball. Now don't get me wrong, I like it when we run the ball but I felt the pass to run ration should've been a lot larger considering the defense we were going up against. I mean for heaven's sake London Fletcher was in pass coverage! He's a beast in stopping the run but a liability in the pass game. We should've went to Marty B or Pascoe a lot more. You know create mismatches.

I think the defense played in spurts. They would have moments of great defense and other moments where they were as undisciplined as you get. That play option offense is driving me crazy. I'm sure there is someway around it. Maybe if the DE or LB added a bit of subtlety to their technique. What I mean is that the play option is predicated on what the pass rusher will do: widen or go inside. The QB analyzes the situation and acts accordingly. Since the game moves at such a fast pace, the decision must be made in a split second. So I was thinking why don't they fake an inside move real quick as if they're attacking the rush so the QB will bite and hold the ball to pass and than go back out to pass rush the QB. I guess the defense played in a half emply/half full way. They kept the explosive Redskins offense to 17 points but gave up insane amounts of rushing yards including that last run that ended the game.

All three phases of the game were ill-prepared and did not come to play. -Sigh-

Eh but what do I know? I'm just a armchair coach that's ranting away.