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    Still in the drivers seat but no room for error

    Win at home next week against the Saints and there is a good chance the Giants will have a two game lead with three games remaining. I can very easily see the Skins losing to the Ravens and the Cowgirls to the Bengals. Giants never make it easy.

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    The Saints will come into next weeks game well rested and they own the Giants. Atlanta will be a tough road game in the dome. Don't like their chances the next two games. The Ravens might not have anything to play for and the Eagles are already out of it. Looks like 9-7 again but I don think that will win them the division this year.

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    Only positive is that the Saints kill the Giants at the dome, this time they have to come up here in a cold weather environment and they have been shaky lately.....GMEN can easily win that game.

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